Our Journey Through Life


Your Story, Your Book of Life

Everyone has a story, but not everyone has the time to capture their experiences, memories and life's journey due to our busy and hectic lives... but now you can, and with very little effort other than conversing with MyStory interviewer or manually writing your book. Enjoy this enlightening and insightful path of self-discovery and reflection.

Legacy Gift, Sharing Your Life

What a meaningful gift to present to your loved ones, as your written accounts can bring so much joy, and awareness to family, friends and your descendants. The MyStory app is for a book, what a camera is for photography - conservation of your journey, a moment in time, a precious memory. But it is even more - it is a written documentation of 'you' and a life lived - yours to share and pass down from generation to generation.

Your Family Tree

It is inherent in all of us, to understand our roots, our history, our ancestors, and to know 'who they really were' and where we came from. MyStory goes beyond the 'facts and dates' of lineage, but takes you to the a whole other level where you can discover your family tree and really get to know your ancestors in more detail than ever before .

Other Unique Features of MyStory:

  • 1. Creates a written and lasting footprint to pass on to the next generation - helps create your family tree
  • 2. Can be used for historical documentation
  • 3. Provides insight and greater understanding of loved ones before us -their feelings, thoughts and how we are all inter-connected. This can often provide comfort, encouragement and inspiration knowing how a family member faced a similar experience
  • 4. Preservation of family traditions, beliefs and one's cultural identity
  • 5. Self-publishing-traditional publishing companies search for new manuscripts -- In addition these kind of books can be used as an enhanced resume or short story
  • 6. Available for iOs devices
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