Using a conversational style format, My Story automatically writes, edits and categorizes your recordings to auto-generate and produce the piece de resistance … one’s own unique autobiography.

It’s like having your own ghost writer but without the fee!

My Story App Features

Your Family Tree

Preservation of family heritage (family traditions, beliefs and culture, and namesakes). My Story goes beyond the 'facts and dates' of lineage to a whole other level where you can discover your family tree and really get to know your ancestors in more detail than ever before.

Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Create a lasting footprint to pass on to the next generation - by capturing your life’s journey you will leave your mark on the world while providing a thoughtful legacy gift for family members, friends or that special someone.

Interactive & Intuitive

A unique, engaging and insightful process of self-discovery and reflection – what a wonderful way to piece your life together.

ABOUT My Story

My Story Offers a Wide Range of Features

My Story app is for a book, what a camera is for photography – conservation of experiences, memories and of one’s life. It’s a unique way for families to share their heritage with generations to come, providing details that no DNA test or ancestry research can.

DNA’s uncover geological information about our ancestry and particular traits, however they lack the stories that help us to understand who our ancestors really were and there life experiences. My Story will give people the opportunity to fill in the details that research cannot reveal.

Convert your e-book to soft back cover(s), by using our book binding partner, Growth Media North America, and receive a discount.

(Note: book binding and finishing service is a separate fee.)

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Your Story, Your Book of Life...

Whether you have a desire to capture a moment or event that was particularly impactful, chronicle a spiritual journey you’ve embarked upon, or want to compile all the finite details of your life into a beautiful auto-biography for your loved ones to have and enjoy, ‘My Story’ allows you to share your uniqueness with the world, and to say ‘I lived and this was my story’.

My Story provides excellent service by application – Download it today.